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     Greenhouses for

Commercial Cultivation

Cultivation greenhouse can effectively protect cultivation privacy and accumulate valuable experience for modern agricultural greenhouse cultivation. Efficient greenhouse planting can reduce operating costs, natural light and a healthier working environment. This can provide a very good growth environment.

Our  greenhouse structure includes:


●Light Deprivation

●Shade Systems

●Environmental Controls



●Odor Misting

●Insect Screens

●Benching Systems

●Radiant Heating

●CO2 Generation

●Hybrid Grow Techniques

Planting Facilities

●And Much More

Fortune Agro-Tek integrates modern agricultural technology to creata productive and high yield growing approach.

We combining the advantages of traditional farming techniques with the security and privacy, it has been adapted to meet the demand of nowadays growers.

We take "customer-friendly, quality-oriented, integrative, innovative" as objectives. "Truth and honesty" is our management concept. The customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, quality, credibility and service, therefore we are always ready for cooperation and gladly welcome new clients and business partners.

Hybrid Greenhouses

Healthy, natural greenhouse plant growing environments
Secure & private greenhouse structures with Glass / PO film / PC sheet / sandwich panel side/end walls

Supplemental dehumidification for healthy cultivation & disease prevention

Supplemental lighting to compliment and harness the sun's free energy

●Insect screening for organic pest management agricultural practices

●Radiant heating for better root zone plant growth and faster cultivation

●Designed to handle extreme weather conditions - snow, wind, humidity & high/low temperatures

Industry Experience

●Over 10,000,000 sq.ft of greenhouse built since 2012

●Planted since 2015

●Rich experience in CBD extraction

Company Profile

SHANDONG FORTUNE AGRO-TEK CO., LTD is a professional greenhouse manufacturer which focus on development

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Why Fortune Agro-Tek?

●Professional manufacturer of Greenhouse
●Quality supplier of the planting facilities
●Provision of installation and planting guidance 

Innovator of hybrid greenhouse designs

Corporate support staff including account management, customer service, and parts replacement for post-sale assistance

Featured Projects

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