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PO film Greenhouse

The covering materials of film greenhouse could be PO or PE film (single or double layer), and it is suitable for most regions. Greenhouse main structure is practical and straightforward, also with lower cost and lower investment. We cover the top of the greenhouse with double arch and double film, which can effectively prevent the loss of heat and cold air intrusion with lower operation cost in the area of winter without heavy snowfall. We can also use PC sheet, float glass as its sides cover. It is suitable for flower cultivation, seed breeding, flower market, teaching, scientific research, and many other fields.

PO film greenhouse is used for seeding / planting, supporting with planting equipments. It can provide a very good environment for growing cannabis, reduce operating costs, natural light and a healthier working environment.

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Supporting equipment:


Heating / Cooling

Light decription

Irrigation / Fertilizer

Seeding bed

Growing light

Single-span greenhouse       10000 sq.ft greenhouse      20000 sq.ft greenhouse        40000 sq.ft greenhouse

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