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Greenhouse System
  • External Shading System


    The primary function of the system is to cool the heat in summer, the sun would diffuse into the greenhouse to ensure that crops from strong light burns. Due to blocking a significant amount of light into the room, it can effectively reduce the accumulation of heat in the greenhouse, drop 4°C to 6°C of room temperature.Features:Anti-ultraviolet, anti-hail, reduce the damage to the top of the greenhouse.According to the different crops, use different shade curtains to meet the needs of various

  • Inside Shading/Insulation System


    Anti-fog and anti-drip: After close the inner shading system, it will form two separate lower and upper spaces in the greenhouse, this can effectively prevent the formation of the fog in the greenhouse and the dewdrops. To increase the indoor insulation effect, we can use double shade system. The curtain has two types, breathable curtain, and insulated curtain, like waterproof space cotton insulation blanket. According to the need, we choose different light transmission capacity of the shade cur

  • Ventilation System


    The way of opening the top window includes one-side top window drove by rack and pinion, two-sides top window drove by rack and pinion, staggered top window drove by rack and pinion, electric roll top window, side window drove by rack and pinion, electrical roll side window, sliding window and etc. The rack and pinion system has a number of rack and pinion racks. Under the action of the drive shaft, the greenhouse windows open. Due to conform to the direction of hot air flow, it can conducive to

  • Cooling System


    Cooling pad and exhauster cooling system is the most cost-effective cooling system for large-scale production facilities. The system has the advantages of simple equipment, low cost, low energy consumption, significant cooling capacity and reliable operation. The cooling pad and exhauster cooling system consists of specialized paper cooling pad, low pressure and high flow axial fan, water circulation system, and control device. Exhausters were installed on both sides of the gable in the greenhou

  • Heating System


    Our company developed a series of boilers with high-efficiency technology, which uses circular combustion technology to make combustion more thorough, while increasing the heating area of the boiler, produce much hot water in a short of time. The system can control water supply automatically by using microcomputer temperature control technology, free to adjust the water temperature. It will work even better with the plumbing air conditioning. (Energy saving, eco-friendly, healthy)

  • Intelligent Control System


    The intelligent control system is composed of the weather station, environmental sensor, greenhouse controller and computer. Greenhouse control system can measure the wind, wind speed, temperature, humidity, light, pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, solar ultraviolet, soil temperature and moisture and other agricultural environmental factors. According to greenhouse plant growth requirements, it can automatically control the window, film rolling, cooling pad and exhauster, irrigation and ferti

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