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Greenhouse Equipment
  • Cultivation container


    Planting POT & FELT Planting Bag

  • High efficiency LED plant growth lamp group


    High light efficiency output can be freely combined

  • Seedling bench


    SEEDLING BEDSingle Layer Seedling Bed Size:4ft*8ft,5ft*10ft,customization is availableDouble-Layer Seedling Bed Size:4ft*8ft,5ft*10ft,customization is available

  • Coverings


    There are many kinds of greenhouse covering, which can be selected according to the planting environment and conditions.

  • Cooling/Ventilation


    The ventilation and cooling system can adjust the temperature of the greenhouse, which is conducive to the growth of plants.

  • Heating


    An engineering technique for raising the temperature of a greenhouse by means of heating.

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