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High efficiency LED plant growth lamp group

The combined design of LED plant growrh line is used to replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp,saving 30%-50% power consumption and pbvious energy-saving efficiency under the same lighting intensity(umol/j). The service life is double .It can also better control the illumination range and illumination uniformity.

LED light source has high luminous efficiency and low calorific value. It can be used in greenhouse to control the ambient temperature more easily and is more suitable for the development of modern facility agriculture.

Equipped with Taiwan MW Mingwei certified drive power supply,85-265V input voltage greatly ensures the applicablity and quality requirements of the ptoduct.

The dimmable led plant growth linear lamp and thyristoe /0-10V/PMW threein one dimming scheme can be selected, which can be applied to the intelligent control system and ordinary dimming knob of modern plant factory. It becomes more convenient to control plant photosynthesis and growth from by adjusting light.

It can also be requipped with a full-automatic timer to set the working time of each day and automatically switch the lights according to the law for a long time.

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